Buy or sell

Whether you are here on the island or elsewhere, we can help you with your purchase or sale and carry out the real estate transaction by means of a power of attorney.

When buying, this means, among other things, requesting a NIE number, registration with the tax authority, issuance of a digital certificate, establishment of a Spanish bank account
in addition to the signing of the deed before the notary.

We have extensive experience in real estate transactions, and we make sure that the transfer of the property is made without hidden debts such as unpaid taxes or community fees, all with the purpose that you will not get unpleasant surprises once the purchase is made.

In the course of the deal

We make sure that all money is handled and documented correctly, all in accordance with existing laws and that the seller does not get access to the deposit before signing the deed.

We also ensure that mandatory taxes are paid on time and that the property is registered at the current property register in the name of a new owner.

Customer client funds account

If you don´t want to or have the possibility to get your own bank account in Spain, you can use our customer client funds account to complete the purchase, quickly and easily.

Your obligations

As a property owner, you have the obligation to make a mandatory income tax return for non-residents every year.

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If your property is to be rented out, we can also take care of this whether it is for a long time or tourist rental. For long-term rentals, we help with the preparation of the rental agreement in accordance with current legislation.

For the tourist rental, we take care of everything from the application of the rental license to the daily bookings and contact with the tenants through your own Airbnb account.

We also make sure to draw up the mandatory income tax return for the income the rental generates.

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Our cost

When buying a property, a whole range of costs are added and it is difficult to get an estimation of these before the purchase as many are variable. With us, you will receive an exact written calculation before you decide on your purchase.

After buying/selling

Our fee includes ensuring that all contracts of supplies are changed to the buyer’s name. For example, water, electricity, community fees, as well as municipal fees.


After your purchase, you need to have a number of contacts with different instances of your ownership, such as insurance companies, banks, etc. In our network, there are many actors that we have tried and tested over a long period of time and can recommend.

Other services

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