Self-Employment Registry

Do you want to be self-employed? Check the requirements and register before you start working.

Creation of a company

Do you doubt whether it is profitable to develop your activity under a limited company? Contact us for more information. We take care of the management from the beginning to the end!


In Spain there are many different ones tax returns to keep track of. With our common experience as well as modern systems we ensure that your tax obligations are met.

Payroll management

Authorized payroll administration. Automated systems for salary calculation and payments. Creation and management of employment contracts and other personnel-related documents.


Proper accounting is an important tool to maintain control of the business.
Our bookkeeping service means that we arrange, compile and report all your business events.
We document all supporting documents so you get a good view of the business economy.

Economic analysis

Together with you, we analyze the activity of subsequently developing the needs. You get perspective and holistic view of how the company is doing and the company’s future.

Business development

Business development is about the ability to deal with external changes that affects a business. We help you develop your organization and processes in order to optimize the efficiency of your business.
Our consultants have many years of experience, and can, amongst other things, help identify, document and streamline your processes.

Business intelligence

Business intelligence is a collective term for various functions that supports effective decision-making within the company. Business intelligence helps create a good overview and also to create a solid corporate base. The idea of a decision support system is to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time.

This may involve, for example, financial monitoring, sales statistics, customer analysis and production monitoring.


An important tool is a well-conceived and accrual budget. We help you with the company’s budget so you get an perfect idea
of what creates profitability and control over the economy.

Financial monitoring

Each month you will get a financial follow-up where you can clearly see all the income and expenses compared to budget and a simple overview of the key figures you want to check. We use user-friendly database-based decision support systems.

Financial procedures

To follow the country’s laws and established regulations for procurement is an important time-saving measure. We translate and provide the most common procedures, all to your everyday life will be easier.


We believe in transparency!
We understand that our customers know how their professions work, but may not always be familiar with, or have the time to understand the economic and regulatory.
This is where we come in with training applicable rules / agreements and how to best work from them.