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Hem » Property » Business Transfer of a Scandinavian Clinic in Gran Canaria

Business Transfer of a Scandinavian Clinic in Gran Canaria

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  • Date added: 11/05/23


The location of the installations has the capacity for several areas of expertise, depending on the direction one wishes to take in the future. The ground-level location is optimal, with easy access to the highway.

The facility consists of a patient reception area, a patient restroom, 2 doctor’s consultation offices directly adjacent to the entrance, a large treatment room with access for ambulance intake, another doctor’s consultation room, and a staff area with a staff restroom.

This well-equipped medical practice has been operating for many years and is well-known in the area.

Other equipment in the premises includes:

  • 4 networked PCs, screens, laser printers, etc.
  • Software designed in Arguineguin specifically for medical offices, including invoicing software.
  • 2 fully furnished doctor’s offices with desks, shelves, medical cabinets, rolling tables, and examination benches with GU leg holders.
  • 2 workstations for medical secretaries.
  • Furnished lunchroom.
  • 1 additional office with a desk that can easily be converted into a doctor’s office.

Laboratory equipment:

  • 1 Afinion machine for CRP, HbA1c, and ACR.
  • 1 Biomerieux Mini Vidas for hormone and immunological tests (service ordered).
  • 1 Biomerieux microbiological lab kit for culture, bacterial identification, and antibiotic resistance testing (service ordered).
  • 1 iPooch cell counter/blood analyzer (brand new).
  • 1 Cuagocheck pro II for INR measurement (brand new).
  • 1 PC with EKG and spirometry capability.
  • 2 examination benches.
  • 2 refrigerators.
  • Sterilization: 1 dry sterilizer.
  • Sterilization: 1 autoclave.
  • Various surgical equipment.
  • Various other lab equipment.
  • 2 Pari devices for inhalation treatment.
  • 1 defibrillator (service ordered).
  • Examination bed for sample collection.
  • Rolling tables.

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