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Business transfers

Whether it is a rental contract or a business transfer and the associated opening permit, we have a department that has long experience in real estate operations, establishing or controlling existing agreements.

Our legal department always checks agreements against applicable laws and regulations and has good contacts with the Spanish authorities.

If you have a business that you want to sell or transfer, do not hesitate to contact us for an unconditional meeting.

Available business transfers are listed below

Local de 1 módulo aprox 46.50m2 Terraza de aprox 90m2 Aforo 123 personas Licencia de bar/plancha. Sin carga de empleados. Precio de arrendamiento de los locales e incluida las terrazas: 4.000€ Cuota cdad: 180€ Ventas anuales 2021: 69.236,45 Contact us for more information.

46.5 m²

Local de 2 módulos aprox 93m2 Terraza de aproximadamente 90m2 Licencia de restaurante. Sin carga de empleados. Precio de arrendamiento de los locales, incluidas las terrazas: 9.000 € Cuota comunidad: 400 € Ventas anuales 2021: 589.207,00 € Resultado ejercicio 2021: 303.417,72 € Precio de traspaso: 350.000 € Contact us for more information.

93 m²