Owners associations

A complete concept for your community

Accounting and Administration

Chartered accountants who are up-to-date with the latest tax and regulatory news. Market-leading software for accounting and administration of the community. Regular updates of financial reports via online app for the board and owners. Automated invoicing program for the monthly fees. System for online payment by card and Apple/Google pay so that owners can easily pay their fees in their own language.

Communication with Owner

We have modern tools for newsletters as well as a proprietary app for communication with community owners.

Tax returns for non-residents

In Spain, you need to declare your accommodation regardless of whether you rent it out or not. We specialize in this area and have ready-made solutions for owners who do not have their unlimited tax liability in Spain.

Payroll management

Authorized payroll administration. Automated systems for salary calculation and payments. Creation and management of employment contracts and other personnel-related documents.

Web and social media

We have our own department for web development and experts in social media with the latest technology.

Property sales and tourist rentals

Through our subsidiary BEAC Real Estate, we can also handle the sale of properties and implement tourist rental concepts.

Certificate of quality

ISO Certification

In order to ensure our quality, we are certified within ISO 9001 for quality and 14001 for the environment.


As the regulations regarding tourist land in the Canary Islands are constantly changing, we think it is important to be able to deliver the latest information. Hence, we are members of the 2 largest organizations PALT and ASCAV.

Legal department

In a community, constant legal knowledge is required, everything from matters regarding inheritance and unpaid fees to questions regarding divisions of the property’s registrations. We therefore collaborate with the leading law firms in their fields.


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