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Welcome to BEAC


BEAC Economy

BEAC Mundial SL is a company in Gran Canaria that focuses on administrative services and financial analyses for all types of companies and associations.

A complete administrative service based on customer needs where we provide everything from start-up of the company to day-to-day operations.



BEAC Real Estate and Investments SL

BEAC Real Estate and Investments SL is a company in Gran Canaria that focuses on real estate transfers, business transfers and real estate for commercial use.
A complete service based on the needs of the client, where we offer everything from buying to the daily operations.


VIP Service: through our big network we can find you investments that aren't listed.
Please contact us for more information.


BEAC Co-Working helps you grow your projects

BEAC Co-Working is the new gathering place for those who are staying temporarily or permanently in Gran Canaria and need to work.


Maybe you combine the family vacation with work.

We can offer you a modern office with everything you could possibly need.