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Pontus Eriksson-Kangasalusta

Owner/Accounting Consultant - English, Swedish

Mr. Eriksson has since 2011 worked with business administration and accounting.
He has been active in a variety of firms at different locations in Sweden. He has chosen to start BEAC Sweden Ltd. in Spain.
This to be able to reduce costs combined with high quality services.
He has previous experience in business planning, investing and expansion.
Our goal is to meet our customers in person once a year and combine that with state of the art digital solutions.


Maria Bergström

Financial assistant - English, Swedish, Spanish

Maria has a great deal of experience in customer service and is BEAC's face to the outside world, always a happy and pleasant person.
Her main responsibility is employment contracts and everything that concerns private individuals, but is of course helpful with other tasks.


Torbjörn Andersson Moradi

Owner/accountant - English, Swedish, Spanish

Has for over 10 years worked with management and finance for various companies in both Sweden and Spain.
Owner of BEAC Mundial, which is the parent company in the group.
Aims to be able to help others with similar services around Europe, has a great interest in solving problems for customers.


Anne Grönberg

Financial assistant - Finnish, English, Swedish, Spanish

Has since the early 2000s worked with finance/accounting in Sweden.
She is a forward person with a fokus on getting it right and also has one of our statutes in her blood Customer Satisfaction.
She is an obvious choice for BEAC Sweden AB as an Accounting Consultant.


Olle Pållesgård

Financial assistant - English, Swedish

Mr. Pållesgård har a background in sales. He started his career selling clothes, then sheet metal and sheet metal working equipment.
He now works at BEAC Sverige AB, doing tasks such as vendor invoices and making payments.


Raquel Pérez Rámos

Financial assistant - English, German, Spanish

Ms. Pérez Rámos as solid experience of accounting and customer service.
She is always happy, helpful and nice. Her focus is on delivering customer value.
Ms. Pérez Rámos is a key worker at BEAC Sverige AB.

The following languages ​​can be communicated - Swedish, English, Spanish, German and Finnish.